Studio Down To Earth

Samensmelting van binnen en buiten, van architectuur en interieur en van mens en natuur. Terug naar de basis….

Your Second love
Function: Multifunctional house
Garden Studio
Function: Multifunctional Studio
Dome for Lombok
Function: Earthquake resistance house for locals
Exhibition Binding Together
Hortus Conclusus
Function: Retreat centre
De Fusie
Function: New Dutch Delta Works, Wadden
The Long House 99% circulair
Under construction
Under construction
Ice and coffee bar
Function: Hospitality interiors
Function: Tiny house, Amsterdam
Tot Zover
Function: Hospice and crematorium
Het Rond
Function: Giving space to the people
Giving a podium
Function: National Human Rights Institute
Safe Haven
Function: A house for myself
Private house, Haarlem
Function: Residential
Interior renovation, Heemstede
Function: Residential
Housing development
Function: Housing
Living under one roof
Function: Housing, communual living
Function: House
The city inside the city
Function: Residential housing and public spaces
Following the light
Function: Library
Inside - Outside
Function: Housing, studios and exhibition space
Extension Gerrit Rietveld Academy
Function: Art school
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